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Foot and Ankle Care for all types of medical conditions, even those requiring surgery

"Excellent doctor and staff!! My son needed an appointment ASAP to have a wart removed so he could join the military. Not only did the accommodate us with a same day appointment Dr. Hoover discounted our visit significantly and thanked my son for his future service. Very satisfied and thankful customer here." D.

"Excellent doctor. Offered procedure less invasive with needle so no incision for my toe issue. Very pleased." S.R.

"A doctor that cares more about your health than your wallet!" T.L.

"Comprehensive & compassionate." K.P.

"Dr. Hoover ... has been the greatest doctor, and his staff have been wonderful. When my son had an emergency, they stepped in and took care of him and he has Special Needs. They treated him with respect and made sure they didn't want to traumatize him when doing surgery and walked us through all the care it would take and supported me to be able to take the care my son needs. They are kind and caring, making sure everything went great for the three months + that it took to get him back on his feet." T.O.

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